Android Applications for Investment Management

Inflation is very high, as it always was. In some periods, it got out of control, in others it remained at an acceptable rate. The point is to rely on savings is not worth it, since capital presents depreciation, and you need to make it work for you.

In this context, investing in the stock market becomes a crucial choice for anyone who wants to multiply equity. And the good news is that you can take care of your wallet from your smartphone using the Android applications to investment management.


3 Android Apps for Investment Management

Below you can see three great apps for you to see not only their actions, but also explore potential purchases and stay informed about the financial market. Meet them!

app de investimento

1 – Yahoo! Finance

This app is one of the most interesting, because it allows you to put a wallpaper of 20 stocks chosen by you. This constantly, so all values ​​are updated, showing the percentage changes and also absolute value.

Note that you can choose actions other exchanges around the world, making it one of the best Android applications for investment management.

2 – Brokerage

Today, many of the largest brokerages already has applications to manage the portfolio. Making login normally, you can have access to your home broker in the palm of your hand. Want easier than that?

3 – Stock Market App

Finally, our recommendation is that you download an application to receive financial market news, as well as updates Rates and roles of companies. One of the highlights is the Stock Market App, which is free and provides information of the utmost quality.

How about investing much more seriously and control? Download these apps to Android investment management, and monetize!